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Vintage Box To Modern Film

December 29, 2009

Use your vintage box camera with 35mm film:
(the fast and easy way)

1. Get some 35mm film, any will do.

2&3. To be able to measure film advance, you’ll need to tape in place some flexible plastic piece that go a bit inside the film sprocket holes so when you turn the film advance lever you’ll hear a click! as the plastic piece enter each sprocket hole. How many clicks you need to advance each frame depends on your camera format so it’s up to you to figure it out.
[I count 18 clicks to advance each ~9cm frame]
Tip: book binders are the standard plastic thingy for this step, make sure it doesn’t get loose to keep it clickin’.

4. Cut some foam pieces to pad the 35mm film slot so the film doesn’t move and to provide some tension to the film reel.
[if you’re feeling paranoid, then add some tape to keep it in place, but that’s totally overkill.]

5. Tape some spare 35mm film lead to your new film so you don’t waste shots by advancing your unexposed film to the other side, remember that each frame it’s ~9cm long so that’s a lot of film.

6. Tape the other end of the lead to an old 120 empty spool. (or 620 if that’s your case), fit everything in place inside your camera.

7. Cover the red window on the back with black tape on both sides to prevent light leaks. Don’t worry about loosing all of your precious light leaks, you’ll have them but leaving this window open it’s too much. Close the camera.

8. To help you compose your shots inside your new format, mask the viewfinder(s) with black tape.

9. Start shooting!, process your film and amaze your family & friends.

You’ll need to manually rewind the film back into the canister in TOTAL DARKNESS or use a changing bag.

Submitted by nausk!.