4×5 Pinhole Plan

As alluded to in my last post I’ve been making and shooting pinhole cameras lately. The latest is the Petite Boite Noire (little black box… I give my cameras funny French names for some reason… hopefully I’m not cursing inadvertently or something).

525pinhole17The aperture is about 158, the base focal length is 1.5″ and it has a 1″ extension (approximately equivalent to the field of view of 11mm and 17mm lenses on a 35mm camera). It’s a 4×5 but I’m not using a film back. I planned to use paper as the light sensitive medium (paper is no longer strictly negative and calling it film is confusing so “light sensitive medium” is my term and I’m sticking to it)  so I just made the back the right size for taping a 4×5 chunk of paper to it.

525pinhole15Using paper as the light sensitive media has presented some new challenges. It seems to have a very limited range of exposure and it’s very contrasty. I’m having fun figuring it out though. More samples as I shoot them on my pic site here.

Here is pdf version of the plan.

I built the plans in Sketchup, Google’s free 3d software, so if you’d like that version, or have any other questions just post in the comments and I’ll get back to you.


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