Feel the Flow

Life is a journey not a destination… right?

People always seem very interested in workflow so I thought I’d post mine here. At this time it’s pretty stable but flows are constantly evolving things so this is really just a snapshot of this moment (a moment where I shoot mostly digital and mostly ttv).

First… the software.

Picasa – it all starts with Picasa. Picasa is Google’s free image management/editing tool, it can be found here – http://picasa.google.com/ I love it for 2 main reasons… It reads raw file formats and it’s got a great tagging set up stored in an external file in the same folder as the pics which makes searching archives easy even after they’ve been backed up to disk. It also has a decent little set of editing tools that are easy to use and it interfaces well with Picasa Web (Google’s free image web hosting). Picasa does take a little getting used to. It works by searching your computer for all the image files on it and storing a reference to them so it can show you everything you’ve got in it’s interface. So there may be times where it seems a little laggy while this is happening. Also, if you make edits in Picasa and save them it saves to jpg. It says it’s making a back up of the original but that back up might be a jpg file too. So I’ve got a system where I make one folder for my raw archives and a separate folder for the pics I want to work on.

Digital Photo Professional – This is the raw editing software that came with my camera. I’m just starting to use it because I heard it was better than Photoshop and I struggled a bit with getting my version of PS to read my version raw files. I highly recommend shooting and doing as much editing in raw as possible. It really makes a big difference in the tonal range and control you can get in your final images. I like DDP a lot. There are a few little quirky things about it (I wish it would crop) but in general it does really well with the things I want to edit in raw.

Photoshop – Photshop is Photoshop. Everybody knows Photoshop. If you don’t know Photoshop don’t be scared. It’s easy to do the really minimal things I do in Photoshop and they could probably also be done easily in a lighter cheaper version like Photoshop Elements or even one of the free softwares out there like Gimp.

So… the flow.

I cruise my Picasa archives to find the pic I want to edit and open it in Digital Photo Pro (it’s in the right click menu thanks to Picasa).

In DPP I start by making sure the white balance looks good then I usually bump up the contrast, saturation and sharpness just a bit (I shoot with pretty tame camera settings) maybe darken a little and finally try and improve any noise issues. Noise reduction can soften so it’s kind of a balance with sharpness and contrast. Make sure and double check all your settings after noise reduction. I do as much of this in the “raw” tab as I can for some reason. Lastly I convert and export to a 72 dpi jpg (no compression).

After Picasa finds the new jpg I right click and open in Photoshop (thanks again). Here I crop, fix any tilt (PS has the best tilt fix, don’t do it anywhere else), do a final check on color, any extras I might want, do final sizing and compression (I like PS’ compression too, usually through the save for web interface). The extras might be converting to black and white, adding a vintage look, vignette or texture (though I personally am not a big texture guy).

Picasa also has a great sharpening tool and a really killer filtered black and white conversion tool if you want to try doing those things as this point in the process.

So that’s it. Pretty simple but I’m pretty happy with it. Let me know if you have improvement suggestions.


3 Responses to “Feel the Flow”

  1. David Corona Says:

    Hey. I love your blog and the meaning of hacking the camera equipment to get a diferent kind of pictures. I’ll gey it on my Rss rigth now to learl something. I’m a new ophoto aficionado and I think that I can learn a lot from you. So thanks!

    David Corona, from Chetumal, México.

  2. ldepot Says:

    I used to use Picasa like my life depended on it but ever since i upgraded my os from xp it’s been a buggy mess crashing my computer every time. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I now think that it might be that I have waaay to many photos for it to handle as my work computer works just fine with picasa. anyways the reason i’m posting is to share my “work flow”.

    I now use adobe bridge to sort and view my photos and then strictly use photoshop for all of my editing, I just don’t trust any other program for. I may be set in my ways i think as i have been using it for the past 12 years. the other thing i like is that it’s only 2 programs and it all works together. the raw editor for PS is awesome! you should see if they added suport for your camera yet and give it a try. then you can crop right from there!

    p.s. i am currently using CS4 on win7

  3. 525 Says:

    Thanks for the feedback David.

    Thanks for the inputs Idepot, you’ve got me a bit worried about Picasa.

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